harmonizer of the mind, body and soul and honest, creative connector of ideas, companies, and collaborate to jointly, with the clients, get the best version of each of them and their companies.

I am passionate about excellence, teamwork, and training developing people to their full potential. I enjoy the simple things, such as: playing and talking with my daughters, reading a good book, sharing a cup of coffee with my husband, a chatting with friends, listen to music and nature

I am a certified practitioner and coach in applied positive psychology, I am part of the Silicon Valley Change Executive Coaching team, I work with clients in person, by voice, video camera, or text, around the world in 4 continents (America, Europe, Asia and Africa). My professional experience as an economist, public policy maker, entrepreneur, global empowerment vice director and senior executive adds an additional level of experience to my coaching credentials. My personal characteristics are creativity, curiosity, honesty, spirituality, and focused on results.


Since my adolescence, I have been interested in human development and serving others so they can achieve their goals.

After working in different areas public sector, private corporation, my own business, academia. Finally, I realized that it is the individual that generates the transformations that we later wish to see.

I love challenges, management and freedom. I am passionate about making a better world through the example and impact of more human, happy, healthy and loving individuals. My vocation is to help people to unify their BEING.

Coaching has been an important tool that I found to accompany my studies with positive psychology and motivate clients to action.

I am convinced that the changes come from the individual, so I committed to studying positive psychology.