The life coach helps improve lives by incorporating tools that help you to have greater well-being and make lasting changes for a happier life in your personal life as a professional.

  • Achieve emotional well-being.

  • Have a happier and purposeful life.

  • Improve your personal relationships.

  • Learn to live with your fears.

  • Reach that goal that you could not achieve alone.

  • Show yourself in the world as you want to be seen.

  • Have more confidence in yourself.

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The career coach, who can successfully manage the different transitions in your life, from college to university, in your professional career, or some change of profession.

  • Motivate yourself to change.

  • Show you that you are good enough.

  • Have more confidence in yourself.

  • Build resilience.

  • Reach the goal you couldn’t achieve alone.

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Life and Career Coaching Fees and Packages

Life and Career Coaching

$125for 30 minutes

10% OFF

  • for 6 sessions
  • You save $75

15% OFF

  • for 12 sessions
  • You save $225

20% OFF

  • for 18 sessions
  • You save $450