The executive coach. The idea is to help clients clarify and achieve their goals in the work area, maximize their potential, in a creative and stimulating process. The executive coach is relevant because she allows executives who wish to improve tools to have mental strength through self-knowledge, managing their emotions, being more motivated, and connecting better with their peers and staff.

  • Have mental strength.

  • Manage stress and anxiety in life and work.

  • Achieve maximum performance.

  • Clarify ideas.

  • Manage energies to be more efficient and productive.

  • Create greater empathy.

  • Self-motivate yourself in your work area.

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Executive Coaching Fees and Packages

Executive Coaching

$150for 30 minutes

15% OFF

  • for 4 sessions
  • You save $90

20% OFF

  • for 8 sessions
  • You save $240

25% OFF

  • for 12 sessions
  • You save $450