For Executives and Leaders Worldwide

The courses introduce all executives and leaders from different parts of the world to the science of positive psychology, wellness and the science of happiness so that they can incorporate these new tools in themselves, in their companies, their projects and others. And so be an active part of the revolution that is taking place worldwide on well-being, psychology, personal growth, medicine, education, business, etc. There are more and more people who not only see what is wrong with them BUT what is right with you, with me, with others and in general with the people and the changes that our communities want and need.

What do the courses consist of?

We work on getting to know each other better, on perfecting our skills and competences, what we seek is to generate a unique opportunity to create a community, and connect with people with a similar mind and heart. Each week we meet we study tools we need to thrive, put into practice, and learn new skills to bring out the best in ourselves, our families and businesses. This group is the foundation of the community environment. The improvement of a fuller life, and each week that you learn you get to know yourself more, is the foundation of our growth. In this space you reflect every week, review, meditate, practice mindfulness, focus, high-quality relationships, positive thoughts, etc. Learning per se and personal growth is easier and faster when it is done through a community, where you can find support, a motivator, and connect. That is why these small groups are formed. The idea is to give you a space to review a new topic in each meeting, to put you in a state of calm, focus and well-being; as we connect and learn more about our self-awareness, self-compassion, and the self-care we need as human beings.

What will you learn?

You will learn about strength of character, strength of mind, and other tools from different sciences all based on pure science and research. This type of infusion group lasts an average of 12 weeks, 1.5 hours of program per week, with the same people, a group between 7 – 10 people.


What are the participants saying?