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I’m a Certified Positive Psychology Coach offering executive coaching, career coaching, and life coaching, I meet with local clients in Coral Gables and with clients from around the world by phone or video.

While the heart of my work is individual coaching, I also serve by teaching small groups of senior executives and leaders with similar minds and hearts around the world, in a course that empowers them to acquire a more balanced life, greater focus, and have tools to manage stress and anxiety. All this in a safe and relaxed space. I am part of the Silicon Valley Change Executive Coaching team, work as an advisor for the diversity and wellbeing center with base in New Zeeland, and as Vice Director of Empowerment Training Program at Women’s Entrepreneurship day organization as a volunteer.

If you are experiencing a challenging transition, pursuing a significant goal, or need to clarify your doubts and are looking for a professional to take you from where you are to where you really want to go, I can guide you.

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Hi, I’m Katherina Capra, an expert and certified professional as a coach in applied positive psychology, in the science of happiness, and in positive psychology at two of New York’s most renowned centers. In addition to working with clients in person, by voice, video camera, or text, all over the world, I work with prestigious companies worldwide as well (America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa).

I would like to help you achieve your goals, clarify ideas, decrease your stress and anxiety levels, generate mental strength, increase your confidence, and become your best version. How? Working on what goes well with you, in a comfortable, fun, creative, and scientifically proven way.

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Four one-hour executive coaching sessions:


Improvement of the toughest work challenges.


Greater productivity increase with training alone.

Eight one-hour life and career coaching sessions:


Improvement in well-being.


Reach their goals.


Improvement in lowering anxiety and stress levels.